Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Color Theory

My son, Alex, recently questioned me on the ‘blending” of two colors, resulting in a new color. Simple color theory, right? He is 4 years old, and is starting to understand this…

He asked..... I responded:

What does red and blue make? Purple

What does yellow and red make? Orange

What does red and red make? More red

What does green and yellow make… a pretty color that you see on a bird or a dragonfly (he saw me painting like this recently)

What does white and red make? Pink

What does yellow and blue make? Green

I then asked him some similar questions… but his answers were astounding....

What does blue and green make? An ocean

What does blue with white make? The sky…

And what does black and white make? A zebra…

So, everyday, we are exploring the world, we are sharing what we know,

And we demonstrate to the younger children in our lives that color is all around us…

Have a colorful, whimsical day!!! I think a new children's book is being written by my son... what do you think?

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