Monday, November 9, 2009

Illustrator's Day - 2009

I had the wonderful experience of attending the SCBWI - LA / Tri-Regions's Illustrator's Day for the 2nd time in as many years. A wonderful experience for any illustrator or writer who wants to learn, observe, improve and be inspired by other illustrator's who have a common goal... getting beautifully illustrated, good quality material into the hands of our young readers.

From picture books to teen fiction, there was quality information to be shared by everyone. Portfolio reviews by seasoned professionals, and advise from art directors on how to present a portfolio and what should be in it.

In a nutshell: Keep the portfolio simple, and make sure it represents the BEST of your work, and the WORK you want to be doing. If you don't like a piece for any reason, don't keep it in your portfolio or it may skew the art director or publisher into a different direction. If your portfolio represents several styles of work, make sure the different styles are segreagted properly, so that there is flow and continuity in what you are presenting.

For more information about SCBWI... and other upcoming events.... click on the SCBWI link...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Sketches

Trains and Timberwolves

Pirates and Princesses

Bumblebees have Bedtimes Too...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jake the Dinosaur

I had the pleasure of attending Taft High School's annual PASSPORT TO READING event yesterday. Attended by students, teachers, librarians, and young children from surrounding schools, I was able to chat and share my illustrations. During my workshops I shared my process and fun of creating images to go along with words.

To add to that experience, I had some paper up on a drawing board at the front of the room, and asked the kids to give me a word to illustrate. I had already put up a few words and images: an angry alligator eating and apple pie - to demonstrate the angry eyes, furrowed brow, and snarling nose (Something I found the boys love to see me draw)... and it's a quick sketch that I am becoming well practiced at.

The most enjoyable encounters I had were with the very youngest of attendee's.... average age, 7.... 1st and 2nd graders, and one very special young boy named Jake. I immediately fell in love with his bubbly personality, and before I could say the word "Imagination", he was reading our book to me. We had so much fun that he asked for some paper and he starting drawing, and writing his own story. WE worked together and created a large headed Dinosaur. Possibly a Brontosaurus with a head of a T-rex... who stepped onto a sailboat. We chatted as I drew up on the board. The image above is the quick sketch result. We had a lot of fun.

Perhaps Jake the Dinosaur (As I named him at the end of the day)... will become a bigger story.

Stay Tuned

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Taft High School - Passport to Reading

Dawn and Suzanne will be presenting the book,

Imagination, A Journey of the Mind

to students and visitors at the annual

Passport to Reading event at Taft High School.

Saturday - April 18th.

Demonstrations of Quick Character Sketches,
Q. and A. with the author and illustrator...

For More details: Click Here!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Local SCBWI event - South Bay Writer's and Illustrator's

One Rhyme at a Time--My Road to Picture Book Publication.
Guest Speaker June Sobel shares about her road to publication and shares the journey from messy first drafts to press ready final lines. She will bring illustration sketches and discuss the collaboration between illustrator, author and editor.

210 North Aviation Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Please RSVP before Saturday so that we reserve enough seats.

Bobaloca's Map and Directions

Located between Artesia Blvd & Manhattan Beach Blvd, at 2nd Street Londoner Hair Salon, is in the same strip of little businesses. Bobaloca's is right in the middle.

New Works

Inspirational drawings for a new project...

Whimsical Dolphins!!!