Friday, June 24, 2016

Imagination Day: April 25, 2017

Save the Date: Imagination Day is April 25, 2017

Celebrate with us as "Imagination, A Journey of the Mind" turns 10.
10 years doesn't seem like a long time until you gauge it in relation to your own children and their own growth.

For Example:  When the first illustration drafts of this book were being drawn, Fiona was just turning 1 year, and enjoyed crawling along the floor.
Now she is 10 and high-kicking her way through 5th grade and Irish Dancing.

In looking back at the drawings and the verses of the book, we are developing the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book, the original writing with some additional dialogue, illustrations and stories of our own children.

Teachers and Early Childhood Educators... be sure to connect with us for upcoming teacher packs and activities to bring to your classroom, leading up to Imagination Day.

Contact us here: Imagine With Us  send a note with IMAGINATION in the subject line!

See you soon:  Dawn and Suzanne

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