Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Good Avocado knows how to Chill Out and Mellow!!!

I was inspired by my friend Kel, who is "ga ga" for Avocado.  And lucky for her I have a tree in my back yard that produces the most glorious and scrumptious of these treats... and I just need to text her a photo of a freshly picked one and her response is always with a big smile...

So,... as we enjoyed dinner and a glass of wine last night, I kept having this animated illusion of what was going through her mind as she gleefully eyed the 3 avocados that were sitting peacefully in front of her.  They need to "mellow" and "ripen" before they are eaten... and as Kel loves to hang out in the California sunshine (don't we all love to relax a little?)... this is what came to mind.

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