Thursday, October 11, 2007

Working Hard

Drawing Pictures for a living sounds like a lot of fun... and might be easy unless...

You, like me, have 3 small children, are running between kindergarten, pre-school and mommy and me classes at 3 different location, and after shuttling the kids from here to there and everywhere in-between find time for soccer practice , fundraisers and whatever other PTA events come my way... and that's just during the week. Somehow we manage to fit in adult socialization amidst birthday parties and weekend soccer games... so... finding time and inspiration to write and draw is sometimes a challenge... until I realized I should just turn the life I know into a stream of illustrations... :) Hey... so there is a great idea.

So at every turn and every moment I spend with my kids (that's 24/7) I have my camera handy and ready to go...
and so is the inspiration for whatever stories are sent my way.

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